Wearing Fringes at Work

As many of us have experienced, wearing fringes at work can be somewhat irksome amongst colleagues and managers alike. Whether you work in a corporate industry or have a hands-on job. Fringes are often something that you may need to keep discreet and also an appropriate length so that it not obstructive.

In most cases if you're shopping for fringes for your work uniform you are going to need to keep 3 main things in mind... Size, Colour and Shape.


A general rule of thumb when selecting fringes for work is - the smaller the better. Fringes are perceived by some as being weird so to avoid this stereotype it may be beneficial to choose something that is small and has minimal sway when you move. Besides this if you want to avoid all the interegations and countless curious questions choosing smaller fringes does help. Some companies simply won't tolerate fringes openly on display. In this case applying smaller fringes will be more comfortable if you tuck them into your trousers or skirt.


Many uniforms are comprised of one or two colours so it is wise to select fringes which match your uniform and do not give a bold contrasting aesthetic. When using a ribbon of blue on the fringes we advise to correlate it with the brightness of your clothes. E.g light blue ribbons for white clothes, dark ribbons for black, navy clothes.


Shape is very important when choosing fringes for work, however it is dependant on your specific job role. For example loop fringes can have a tendency to get caught on things so this may not be the best option for a labouring person such as a carpenter or artist.

The shape of fringe can make your outfit look casual or highly refined. Somebody who works in an environment where it is a requirement to 'dress up' may be more inclined to a style such as the mini-braided fringe over a cut fringe.

We hope you found this post helpful in choosing fringes for the workplace. We'd love to see pictures of your fringed workwear. Share them with us on our Instagram and Facebook profiles. @WeAreSewRoyal

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